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Learning a foreign language is much more than just studying it. There are many other things you will gain along the way. A language that will beneficial for you to learn is Arabic and there are many different ways you can learn this prosperous language. You can take an online Arabic course, study abroad; take an Arabic course in college or team up with an Arabic speaking buddy. Here are some  reasons why you should learn this underrated language:

Arabic is the 5th most spoken language of the world. You will be able to communicate with people from more than 20 different native- Arabic speaking counties. Arabs feel honored when you try to learn their language.
You can make money by learning the Arabic language. The economy in the Middle East is growing and Arab business culture is all about personal relationships. Knowing Arabic will get you ahead in a thriving economy and give you a better understanding of how to invest in the sharia banking system.
You will gain a bigger perspective on the world we live in. You will learn how we are all connected and better understand the culture, background and traditions of Arabic- speaking countries.
Learning Arabic will help you better understand Islam. Arabic is a tool that will help you learn about the Quran and Muslim culture.
You’ll impress the people around you. Knowing any foreign language is impressive and a language like Arabic is extra exotic and interesting.
You will become indispensable if you learn Arabic. You will set yourself apart in the business world by learning Arabic and become invaluable to your company because there will be no need for a translator anymore.
Learning Arabic will improve your memory. Learning a foreign language will keep your brain and memory sharp because it’s very challenging.
You will have fun. You will learn a different type of humor and how people communicate in addition to new food, music and ways of life.
You will open opportunities to travel. By learning even a little bit of Arabic will give you the ability to travel to the Middle East and North Africa.
You will achieve a hard goal. No one said it would be easy, they just said it would be worth it. Learning Arabic will be extremely rewarding and your confidence will sky rocket.

Arab culture Night  March, 26

الحفل السنوي الخامس ” ليلة ثقافة عربية ”
جامعة ماري واشنطن – فرجينيا – فريدركسبيرغ
في  السادس و العشرين من آذار من عام 2015

Arab Culture Night will be Back in March 26 th at the Anderson Center!!
ADMISSION FEE: $1 for UMW students and $2 for non UMW
 - for the first time... LIVE ARAB BAND (DJ kimo & the band) !!!
 - UMW's own Dabka Group !!!
 - Belly Dancer !!!
 - Oud performance (Arab instrument) !!!
 - Henna !!!
 ...and MORE!!!